The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)

29th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year C
20th October 2019

"Our help is in the name of the Lord
who made heaven and earth"

Mass Times and Confession
Sunday Holy Mass 9.00am (Ida Cassettari)
Adoration and Morning Prayer, ½ hr before Mass on weekdays
Monday St Hilarion
Adoration & Rosary 10.00am
Tuesday Adoration & Rosary 4.30pm
Wednesday St Anthony Mary Claret
Adoration & Rosary 10.00pm
Thursday St Raphael, Archangel
Mass 10.00am
Friday Adoration & Rosary 10.00pm
Saturday Mass 10.00am
Next Week 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Sunday Holy Mass 9.00am (Int)
Confessions: Saturday 9.30am-9.55am & after Mass;
before or after any Mass.

Father Wally Beale is away until 27th October. Please note the changes to the weekday Masses


2nd Collection this week: World Mission Sunday


Question of the Week: Are we ever discouraged by prayer not answered? Do we expect to receive whatever we pray for? Only God knows what is good for us in the long run, so should we not only persist in our prayers but also remember to add the perfect prayer — Your will be done!?

St Joseph

Some may accuse the good people of Wells of being so greedy as to have not just one patron (St Teresa who we wrote about last week) but to have two! And they have not just any old saint, but the foster father of Our Lord.

For such an important man, there is surprisingly little known of St Joseph. The Gospels tell us his espousal to the Blessed Virgin, and his honour in sticking by her, when the world knew that she was pregnant. He is present in the Christmas stories, and we know that he is there when his foster son is presented in the Temple. We hear of St Joseph in passing when the child Jesus is lost in the Temple in Jerusalem. But that is about it.

This man was so just, so honourable, so trustworthy, that God Himself entrusted His Son into St Joseph’s care. And not only His Son, but also the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The problem is that we do not know what happened to St Joseph after the references to him in the New Testament. Of course, there are stories and traditions, but we do not know for certain. It is often assumed that St Joseph was an old man when he was betrothed to the Virgin Mary. And perhaps that he had had children by his first marriage (his wife having died). This is how we have references to the ‘brothers’ of Jesus - they would be half brothers through St Joseph’s first marriage. Of course, we do not know for certain about a first marriage, but it makes sense.

We know that by the time of the Wedding Feast at Cana, the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, that St Joseph is not around as he is no longer mentioned. So we assume that he must have died.

We know that he was a tektõn an artisan, a carpenter - a man who lived by the work of his hands. He was a grounded man, a normal man. And it was to such a one that the Son of God was handed to be formed in His humanity, and also, that by Christ’s presence in the midst of this family, God hallowed human family life, and normal human work.

St Joseph is the patron of the universal Church as well as of a good death. I’m sure that both will be useful for the Church in Wells!

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