The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)

Ordinary Week 22, Year C,
28th August 2016

"In your goodness, O God, you prepared a home for the poor"

Mass Times and Confession
Saturday Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Sunday Mass 9.00am, Cheddar (Josie Hawkins, RIP)
(Friends of the Suffering Souls)

Mass 11.00am, Wells (For the People)
Adoration and Morning Prayer, hr before Mass on weekdays
Monday No Mass
Tuesday The Passion of Saint John the Baptist
Mass 9.30am, Wells
Traditional Latin Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Adoration & Rosary 6.30pm, Cheddar
Wednesday No Mass
Thursday Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Friday Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Traditional Latin Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Next Saturday Feast of St Gregory the Great,
Pope & Doctor of the Church
Mass 9.30am, Cheddar

Next Sunday

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C
Saturday 6.00pm, Wells
Sunday 9.00am, Cheddar
11.00am, Wells (For the people)


Cheddar: Saturday after Mass
Wells: Saturday 5-5.30pm

St Gregory the Great

Born in 540, St Gregory the Great is called the Apostle of the English. He entered the civil service but in 573 he sold his enormous properties, founding seven monastries and giving generously to the poor. After entering St Andrews Abbey, Benedict I called him to become one of seven deacons of Rome. He had hoped to lead some misssionaries to bring the Gospel to the Anglo-Saxons having been impressed by some Anglo-Saxon slaves on sale in the Forum, but he was elected pope which he accepted reluctantly. Later he was sent by Augustine to England. His role in Roman Liturgy was considerable and he is associated with Gregorian Chant.