The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)

20th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year C
18th August 2019

"Lord, come to my aid!"

Mass Times and Confession
Saturday Mass 6.00pm, Wells
Sunday Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Mass 11.00am, Wells (for the People)
Adoration and Morning Prayer, ˝ hr before Mass on weekdays
Monday Adoration & Rosary 9.30am, Wells
Mass 10.00am, Cheddar (with Fr Wally)
Tuesday St Bernard, Abbot, Doctor of the Church
Mass 9.30am, Wells
Traditional Latin Mass 12noon, Wells
Mass with Fr Wally followed by Adoration & Rosary 4.30pm, Cheddar
Mass of St Guy of Anderlecht 6.00pm, Wells to mark the retirement of Marie Parks
Wednesday St Pius X, Pope
Mass 9.30am, Wells
Mass 10.00am, Cheddar (with Fr Wally)
Thursday The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Friday Mass 10.00am, Cheddar (with Fr Wally)
Saturday Feast of St Bartholomew, Apostle
Mass 10.00am, Cheddar
Next Week 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time
Saturday Vigil 6.00pm, Wells
Sunday Mass 9.00am, Cheddar
Mass 11.00am, Wells (For the People)

From Fr Bede, C.O.L.G. - What's in a Name ...

The Community which will serve the four parishes of Cheddar, Wells, Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet is called the ‘Community of Our Lady of Glastonbury’. I guess that it makes sense as it is in Glastonbury, and Glastonbury is Glastonbury because of Our Lady. So as Fr Anselm and I will be living in community in Glastonbury, it makes sense that it is named after her. And I am sure that St Benedict would not begrudge his sons from putting ourselves under her protection! The way that the community will work is that it will serve the four parishes. This will of course have a different ‘feel’ in Glastonbury, but the service of the parishes will, I hope, be the same. What it will mean for all four is that there will be a continued, even expanded, role of the people of the parishes in running the parishes. And by this I do not necessarily mean committees and meetings, but rather care for one another and facilitating the day to day needs that crop up. For example, it is a corporal work of mercy to visit the sick, while it is the duty of the priest to anoint the sick. The first should be done by all, the second by us. But we need to know who, why and when. Similarly, opening and closing churches, making sure they look lovely inside and out, organising the upkeep of buildings, etc. In the months to come we, the community, will need help in all these ways (and in many that we have not even thought about) and we cannot do it all ourselves, and in fact, we shouldn't. We all have responsibility for the parish in the wider sense, and we all have a part to play. There will be some things which Fr Philip did that we can’t. There will be some things that I used to do, that I no longer can. We are entering into a different pattern of service and ministry as priests, and thus as parishes. In all of these things, we can either wait for a moment when things go wrong to shoot it down and complain and criticise, or we can embrace the new, and use it as an opportunity for new life. I believe that this is a great opportunity for all of us, community and parishes, to turn again to Christ with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. But we must work together, and love one another.

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