The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)


Year of Mission - when Jesus teaches he uses parables. He takes the things around him to illustrate the things of God. The two parables that Jesus uses in this Sunday’s Gospel seem to talk of a gentle growth, a subtle growth that is not always seen and not always noticed. When we listen to the First Reading, Ezekiel speaks of God doing the planting on the ‘high mountain’ - in other words, near to him. That nearness to the Lord brings about growth and there is something obviously attractive about the tree that God plants in Ezekiel’s vision and the mustard seed that grows in the Gospel. They become attractive and they ‘summon’ all kinds of birds and creatures. Is it true, then, that if we are near to God then we grow? Is it true that if we grow in him that there becomes something attractive about us? The psalm speaks of flourishing and maybe that’s the secret to being near to the Lord. With him we flourish; without him we fade. This week’s mission for us might simply be to come close to the Lord, find shelter in him and, through our own attractiveness, cause others to find shade in his presence.
(Fr Christopher Whitehead)

Pilgrimage to Knock on Sunday 1st July - please see the poster in the porch.

Noah’s Camp, Dymock, Gloucestershire, August 13th-17th runs from Monday to Friday and whilst being Catholic, is for everyone of all denominations and ages. Each day there will be times of prayer, worship, talks and Mass. Children and youth streams will run alongside the adult sessions. The aim of the Camp is to foster strong relationships within families of all shapes and sizes, and to know God’s love in a deeper way. Day tickets available. For more information see or ring 07961 346343.