The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)


Year of Mission - Mission always involves being sent out ... thatís what it means to be an apostle. Jesus draws the Twelve close to him, giving them a share in his authority and his mission, and sends them out to preach Godís mercy, healing and forgiveness. Notice what they are to rely upon ... not what they pack Ďjust in caseí Ė spare shoes, a packed lunch, an extra tunic. No! They are to rely on what God will provide for the journey. They come close to Jesus before they are sent out Ė thatís important. We need to be close to the Lord if his mission is to become ours ... or else we go out empty handed and with an empty heart. Itís also the Lord we constantly return to ... after all it is his mission we share in and not one of our own making. Wherever we find ourselves during this coming week may our mission towards others be one that brings healing, mercy and peace into othersí lives.
(Fr Christopher Whitehead)

Noahís Camp, Dymock, Gloucestershire, August 13th-17th runs from Monday to Friday and whilst being Catholic, is for everyone of all denominations and ages. Each day there will be times of prayer, worship, talks and Mass. Children and youth streams will run alongside the adult sessions. The aim of the Camp is to foster strong relationships within families of all shapes and sizes, and to know Godís love in a deeper way. Day tickets available. For more information see or ring 07961 346343.