The Roman Catholic Parish of

Our Lady Queen of Apostles (Cheddar)


Year of Mission - Thereís a beautiful part of the Rite of Baptism which is, strangely, optional in England and Wales. Itís called the Ephphatha Rite, taking its name from todayís gospel. The priest touches the babyís ears and lips: Ďthe Lord Jesus made the deaf hear and the dumb speak. May he soon touch your ears to receive his word and your mouth to proclaim his faith ...í For those who witness the miracles of Jesus, this was surely a sign of Godís nearness that the prophets had looked forward to and a sign that something Godly was taking place. For us who are baptised todayís gospel might remind us of that simple call offered to us as disciples Ė we are to be hearers of Godís word. We are invited to allow Godís word to make its home within us, to find a shelter in us. But we are also called to be proclaimers of that word, not just in the way we speak but through the way we live. Baptism anoints us and empowers us to be those hearers and those proclaimers ... and our world needs to hear the message of Godís presence, his love, his compassion and his gentleness through those who have encountered him. Letís keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus, our ears open to his word. Letís have the courage to be messengers of that word this week, in what we say and in what we do, so that the mission of Christ continues in those called to be like him.
(Fr Christopher Whitehead)

The Department for Schools and Colleges are looking to recruit new panel members for School Admission Appeals. The appeals generally take place during the months of May, June and July. However, there are popular schools across the diocese, who also have a few in-year appeals during the academic year. If you would like to find out more about how appeals are conducted and what is involved, please contact Jenny Fitzgerald on 0117 9025599 or by e-mail to: